The Growing Problem Of Loneliness | Overcoming Loneliness

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Feeling Lonely? Let’s beat the Loneliness

You have been using the word “Loneliness” in your whole life. Are you totally aware of its real meaning? Have you ever experienced loneliness at any stage of your life? Have you ever tried to understand it? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Overcoming loneliness can be a tough task for anyone.

Let’s try to understand the growing problem of loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling of sadness or pain about being by yourself or feeling disconnected from the outside world. It may be felt more over a long time. It is really common and possible to feel lonely, even when we surrounded by other people.

What makes us happy and cheerful in life? Many people may point out to the tremendous popularity and fortune in life. Well hands down, surveys show that the relationship is the key.

On the other side, some people who are surrounded by people all over the day, or even be in a lifelong marriage, still experience an intense and deep isolation. Feelings of isolation affect all types of age group, although some, like adolescents and old people, are more likely to be impacted than others.

It doesn’t matter if a teenager has 1000+ connections on social media, that vast network on the internet can’t help you to escape from feeling isolated. Loneliness has both physical and psychological insinuation, many of which could be long term.

Fewer but closer relationships are more important than your so-called friends. The elderly are also at high risk of loneliness. Surveys said that more than 25% percent of people over age 60 frequently feel intensely lonely.

Causes of loneliness

Let’s try to find the real causes of loneliness.

Fear of rejection

Due to the rejection that many have experienced as a result of child abuse, deterioration, and oppressing, and many people suffer from a laming fear of non-acceptance, which can show up as social anxiety. The fear of humiliation can be so debilitating that it can be a cause of loneliness. If this is your reason for loneliness, therapy can play a big role in your life.

Social anxiety

Your social life can make you and break you. It’s all up to you, how you manage your social life effectively.  Social anxiety is also one of the main cause of loneliness. You want to others, or with someone you like but, because of your inner fear, you couldn’t do. From these situations, you feel more and more lonely. These feelings increase the high risk of loneliness.

High level of IQ

Yes, according to surveys, people who have a high level of IQ, they are more anxious and there are high chances of relationship failure in them. Some people are extremely intelligent and find it difficult to spend time with people who are not as intelligent as they are.

High level of EQ

If you have been involved in emotional or spiritual growth through some yogic practice, then you have been raising your EQ—emotional quotient, or EI—emotional intelligence. While this is crucial to raising your consciousness and your frequency, these things can also create problems in your relationships as well as in life.

You might find yourself no longer feeling connected with some of your family or with your best friends. We connect with other people at our common level of emotional health and emptiness. The more you heal, the less you’ll connect with people with whom you once shared a common level of isolation.

If formerly, you connected by complaining about your life or judging other people, now you might feel bored by these wounded ways of relating. You want to surround yourself with people who have good heart and kind, not people who are closed and manipulating.

Failed relationship

Your bad past is the main cause of loneliness. It prevents you to make a good connection because in every situation we judge people according to our past experiences. It makes our life more terrible. You have to accept your past, and just have to move on in life. You can’t hurt your special one just because your past hurt you in the same way. Trust your partner. Trust your guts feelings in order to be happy. Read our previous article on the relationship.

When this is the case, you need to make constant efforts to meet new, like-minded people. Letting go of people with whom you are no longer feel connected can be tough, and there may be a period of time when you feel lonely, but eventually or naturally you will meet new friends in your life.

Author – Rohit Kamboj


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