Do you love yourself enough? | Self-love matters

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Do you love yourself?

If, I ask you a question, do you love someone? for sure your answer will be yes, I love someone, or you will say I love my partner, or you will say I love my parents so much, or you will say I like my friends or even you can say I love my dog. but if I ask you a very simple question, do you love yourself? You will say are you mad? how can I love myself? Is it possible?

Everyone’s heard this self-help thought: ”We need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else”. This may sound good, but it misses a great truth; we never understand the real meaning of self-love or I am not wrong if I say you never want to understand the real meaning of love. And we always think the meaning of love is giving love to others like something outside from us. we always ignore us, we give our valuable time to others.

We spend a lot of time and energy on thinking about others. We care about them, we put so much efforts to make them happy, we give others to priority in our life, but unfortunately, we forget ourselves. We start feeling frustrated because we ignore ourselves, and we give our precious time and energy to the people who really don’t care us.

In today’s world, it’s very easy to distract yourself with many things like drugs, alcohol, sex, Internet, bad relationships, pretend happiness and external validation. But doing this makes you more of an unfeeling robot, and the worst part is you are not even aware of that. You think you are living a life, No, you are just repeating your experiences again and again without any learning. You are walking with too much burden in your mind, due to which you miss the whole concept of love. Without giving love to yourself first, how can you able to give love to others?



3 Questions you must ask if you are serious about self-love

1- Do you love yourself enough to accept yourself?

2- Do you love yourself enough to accept others?

3- Do you love yourself enough to live in the present moment, to forget the past and not too much anxious about the future, to be truly present to the opportunity within each and every moment?

No one can change your life except you. No one can give the true answers to your questions, You have to find the answers to these questions on your own.

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Now we come to the point on self-acceptance. Your life is about expanding your consciousness, expanding your vision of yourself and your life. Your life’s mission is not to make a million dollars. Our life mission is to love ourselves, to learn to love what we actually are. We are not here to expect love from others. But we are here to create love, we are here to become a love.

Written by Rohit Kamboj



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