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What is the mind?

Mind power

If I ask you a question, what is mind? So what will be your answer? In most of the cases, people have only a superficial understanding of it and no concrete idea of its true nature. Here I will try to give you a logical answer to this question.

The mind is the center of the soul and the core of the body. There are different areas like thought, emotion, and feeling which give us a unique or incomparable encounter of life.

Imagine you are looking out of your window on a busy road. When you do this exercise just assume this is your mind. There goes a car (which is your thought), you see a cloud passing slowly (which is your emotion), a tree is blowing in the wind ( which is your feeling), all passing through the scene (which is your mind) at unusual speed.

Can you control your mind?

Mind control

We do not choose the particular cars driving on the road. We can’t control other cars on the road. In a similar way, we do not choose for a particular thought to come into our mind. It just appears impersonally. And then it’s up to us to decide what we do with it.

We do not choose the maximum of thoughts that come into our mind. We can not control our thoughts and we can not control our mind too. To tell yourself not to think about something is still opposing and it would give that thought life. But We can watch our thoughts. Watchfulness(Awareness) is the only key. If you try to control your thoughts, unconsciously you are giving negative energy to it, even it will distract you more.

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The only choice you have is what to do with that thought once it is there. Just be relax and watch it with full awareness. If you do this, you will be surprised that you are no longer a part of your illogical thoughts. The trick is to simply observe and purge. When you are thinking a negative thought, just say to yourself, that is OK, it’s not mine, and now I choose to let it go. Don’t resist your thoughts, just go with the flow, soon they will disappear automatically and you will feel more relaxed.

Written by Rohit Kamboj

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