Real Men Don’t Cry | Does Crying Make A Man Weak?

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real man don't cry

What makes you cry? So according to society perverts all men do is being happy and courageous, standing tall and muscular, drink and talk loud and hiding emotions in their hidden realm. Society makes you an icon of feminism if you pose yourself a weak emotional person.

The bygone years of our lives have made us hear a simple notion always from society, REAL  MEN DON’T CRY. Is it really so? Let’s ask ourselves a question- Were men born laughing or crying? Of course crying, that’s how a baby is born where gender biases or chauvinism is hardly a term to look for.

It takes a lot for anyone to be strong from inside and men are no exception to it. Vulnerability and physical capability going together are often a result of misconceptions. A man filled with responsibilities, honesty, genuine habits and dignity is a man of valor.

Depression has nothing to do with a man’s physical outlook as hearts know no gender where emotionally a person can be weak too. Men too cry like women, after all, we all are humans where humanity is the prominent aspect behind everything.


Real men

Real men do cry, they too get hurt!

The fact that a man can now cry when he feels the need,  it doesn’t mean that he is not good enough, but It means that he has the power over his physical and emotional health; he is not controlled by society’s influences.

Feeling ashamed of yourself after crying is fatal as society is no one to ponder on your emotional stability. Let’s keep this simple and straight, it’s the emotional aspect which keeps you alive not the gender biases.

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So next time, if you see a man crying, console him rather than annoyingly saying, REAL MEN DON’T CRY.

Let’s respect humanity first as real men are the original products of humanity.

Author – Sakshi Chandani 

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