Do we really stand for women empowerment?

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Women are winning now, 2017 was called the women’s’ year yet we need to ask ourselves, do we really stand for women empowerment? Women today are immensely succeeding in almost every field but still, we fly back to the same stereotype tags women are usually given. DIVORCE, SEX, PREGNANCY, and ABORTION are words that have nothing to do with their literal meaning.

These words are in fact ‘character definitions’. Why do we still pretend that these words are not things that happen to most of us? Women are reaching for the sky today but we don’t try to make this difficult journey any easier for them.

How Do You Describe Women Empowerment?

The courage and determination of a woman pursuing her education mean nothing if she’s a divorcee. A woman is mentally assassinated for having engaged in premarital sex but no such rules apply to a man. A woman is not getting the love she deserves.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful human experience and it is the choice of a woman, why do we make it a compulsion? At some point in life, women will have to go through an abortion for the benefit of their own health or financial conditions.

These experiences are normal for each of us yet we make it a big deal when the same thing happens to someone else. Why cause more discomfort to someone who is already in discomfort? Where are humanity and empathy? If we don’t stand for another human, who else will? The saddest part is that a woman doesn’t understand the pain of another woman.

women vs women

Why do we women try to make the life of another woman difficult? The first fight of a girl starts at home where she asks for freedom. Sometimes, even the most basic need – education, is a privilege.

The struggle to fulfill her dream is a completely different story because most of the times she isn’t even given the strength to dream. If she’s blessed enough to pursue a career, the politics of the workplace are another nightmare.

Marriage is presented as a fairy tale but only the experience of it can speak for itself. She gives up her dreams, hopes, plans, and her career to live the same day again and again and call it Life.

Doesn’t just reading this increase your heartbeat?

Imagine somebody experiencing this in reality. We are humans, the last creation of God but it seems like we’ve lost our humanity. Being sensitive, sympathetic and having the ability to empathize with someone is what makes us different from animals. Then why do we every day try to prove that we’re worse than animals? We shouldn’t give someone a painful experience and as women, we should be the strength of another woman, not her weakness.

Nowadays women empowerment becomes the most important topic. We say it’s the society that thinks and acts this way but why don’t we realize that society is made up of us. We are the society. All of us have flaws but we should try to look above those flaws because it’s not our flaws that define us, but the elegance and pride with which we carry those flaws.

Each day, let’s strive to support a woman like the way we need support. Let’s strengthen another woman the way we want to be strengthened. Let’s stop blaming others and start taking responsibility. And there will definitely be a day when finally women, won’t be oppressed, won’t struggle and won’t suffer. The day when women will prove why God saved his best creation for the end.

Author – Umaima Khan

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